What has happened to Restoration theatre?

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‘When the skill of the player is added to that of the poet, and the one gives utterance to the other’s conceptions, it is not the actor or the poet that we hear, ’tis the character of the drama that speaks to us.’ The Adventures of a Rake (1759). With these wise words in mind what has happened to the theatrical style of Restoration Comedy? More importantly why, on the rare occasion that we do see them performed, are these plays never considered to be produced within the environment they were created for?

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Review: Pains of Youth, Cottesloe

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‘The sea, the sea!” heed the warning of this Greek war cry, for Katie Mitchell’s production truly is the Pains of Youth.’ Continue reading

Review: Category B, Tricycle

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Gripping, funny and enlightening Paulette Randall’s production is nothing less than ‘Category B.’ The Tricycle Theatre’s ‘Not Black and White’ season gives three black playwrights the opportunity to express their experience as a minority in British society. Continue reading

Review: Enron, Royal Court

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enron34‘Why?’ The slogan penetrates the Royal Court, but does Enron provide the answers? Continue reading

Review: Our Class, Cottesloe

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our classTimely, insightful and heartfelt: ‘Our Class’ certainly has a lesson to teach. Continue reading

Review: Avenue Q, Gielgud

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avenueqposter‘What do you do with a B.A. in English?’ may have reiterated the fears of many soon to be graduates at the Gielgud Theatre last night, but the reopening of West End hit ‘Avenue Q’ proved a great console in Jason Moore’s hilarious production. Continue reading